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Featured offerings linked to offerings don't appear when we look at the offering.


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CA Service Catalog CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


We have defined featured offerings at the offering level, but when we navigate to an offering which should have featured offerings, there are none. They should appear under the "General Information" section, in a "Related" section and this should list the related offerings.


Service Catalog 14.1


The related offerings appear underneath the "General Information" section and are associated with this section. If the "General Information" section isn't displayed, then you will not see any related offerings.


There are two settings in "Catalog, "Configuration", "Request Management Configuration" which control this display.

Access Control: Show General Information
Access Control: Show General Information and Selections in Catalog Item Details

Both of these need to be selected for the role which you're using if you want to see related offerings.