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How to delete or update Database Analyzer procedures and extracts with the share option set to N or Y from a different owner?


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This article's purpose is to describe options on how to delete or update procedures and extracts
from PDA (CA Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS) when the SO (Share Option) is set to
Y or N and the owner's id does not match.



Component: PDA


There are two solutions that can be used to delete and update these procedures/extracts:

Option 1) Edit the table where this extract is defined to change the share option from Y to U.
Using this option will enable the user to go into PDA and delete this extract.

The table where the extract is defined is: PTI.RACR_PROC_1105.
The share option is defined in column: RACR_SHROPTION.
Please edit the 'Y' or 'N' option in the column RACR_SHROPTION to 'U' for the row with the
strategy you want to delete. Then go back into PDA. You should know be able to update or delete the strategy.


Option 2) Edit the highlevel.PARMLIB pds member PDA so a DBA with authority can maintain
the future procedures by a common userid.

By using the SET SQLID command to change to the creator of procedures you can delete/update/create them.

For future procedures, you can setup a common userid as the creator for the procedures. In this
way a DBA with authority can maintain procedures created by anyone or create them using this
ommon userid (ie. PROD). In order to do this you will need to edit your PDA Parmlib keywords:

DEF_PROC_CREATOR will allow you to set the common value of the SQLID.


DEF_PROC_CREATOR (PROD) /* Indicates what to use as the default 'creator' for Execution, Extract, Action or Report Procedures. Keywords:

/* USERID (DEFAULT) = Will use TSO logon ID /* SQLID = Will use the current value of SQLID /* ACEEGRPN = Will use the users default RACF grp /* XXXXX = Any alphanumeric string 1 - 8 Chars. 

ALLOW_DPC_PROFILE_OVERRIDE will not allow users to override the DPC.


ALLOW_DPC_PROFILE_OVERRIDE (N) /* Indicates if the Default Procedure Creator (DPC) is allowed to be overridden in the users PDA profile.
Please see PDA ISPF PROFILE in conjunction with PDA PARMLIB keywords in the manual for more information.


*CA does not recommend manually deleting rows from the PDA definition tables because
there is application RI between tables and this could cause future problems. The better option
would be to change the share option to U and use the product panels to clean up or change
any procedures.