Clarity: Export to Excel Debugging
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Clarity: Export to Excel Debugging


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How can we debug 'Export to Excel' in Clarity? The data that we see in Clarity is different than the data that is exported to Excel; how can we check the data is that generated for the Excel?


To generate a page that will show what data is going to be exported from Clarity into Microsoft Excel, you can append a debug command to the URL and it will show the data. This troubleshooting technique can be used for any page for examining the underlying data that is used to build the page. The following is just one example.


  1. Login to Clarity

  2. Navigate to the Main Application > Projects List View

  3. You will be presented with a list of rows of data. You can filter for your desired data that you want to Export to Excel

  4. Look at the URL for your current page. It should look something like this:


  5. At the END of the URL add '&', click 'Enter' button. The URL should look like this now:

    &portlet_instance_id=projmgr.projectList_odf&object=project&portlet_instance_type=SYSTEM&page_id=projmgr.projectList &

  6. Now you will see an html page.

Examine the page and you will see all the data that you would see on the UI. This is the data that will be sent over to Microsoft Excel.

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