How to activate the Software Policy Containers manually for the computers not adhering to the software policy?


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A Software Policy is created to make sure the computers that may comply with it have the proper software installed.
You can configure the software policy to automatically create and deliver the software container including the necessary jobs to make the computer comply with the policy, or you can have the option to manually enable the container distribution.


In order to configure the a software policy to create the container with the proper software jobs but not activate it because you prefer to do it later manually, select the 'Automation' tab in the 'New Software Policy' popup window. In the 'Degree of automation' box select ' Set-up jobs for members not conforming to the policy' and press the 'OK' button to accept the new policy definition as shown in the associated screen capture.

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Figure 1

If any non-conforming members are found, they are added to the Violators folder.

The resulting job container containing the jobs is not sealed, so you can manually seal to enable it later.

NOTE: The 'Evaluate Dynamic Groups during the evaluation of this policy' checkbox is checked on by default.

Depending on the amount of dynamic groups and software policies existing in the overall system performance can be affected.


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence


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