What is the TPX Multi-Session Manager Basic Package?
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What is the TPX Multi-Session Manager Basic Package?


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



TPX can be purchased in several packages depending on the customer's needs. In this solution you can view the features of the TPX Multi-Session Manager Basic Package.


This is the Basic TPX Product. It includes no additional licensed options.

  • Multiple Application Support: Allows users of multiple applications to easily access these applications through a single interface, whether they are accessing mainframe-based applications through a physical terminal or TN3270 session.
    • Standardized Access Point: Presents a consistent access point for all mainframe application users, allowing them to log on to multiple applications from a single screen.
    • Virtual Terminal Support: Simulates the existence of multiple physical terminals through the use of virtual terminals, removing any dependency from the application perspective.
    • Session Switching: Supports the easy navigation and timely access to active sessions through the use of forward and backward, jump, menu and command keys.
  • Flexibility: CA TPX Session Management is designed to provide the flexibility and mobility users need in their day-to-day interactions with mainframe applications. These features further increase the availability of application sessions and help increase productivity.
    • Session Retention: Maintains a user?s sessions to all connected applications even if a session between a physical terminal and CA TPX Session Management terminates. This allows the subsequent restoration of sessions upon a user's reconnection to CA TPX Session Management.
    • Session Portability: Allows transfer of all sessions to a different terminal without interruption.
  • Administration: Facilitates the maintenance of CA TPX Session Management and associated application and user definitions. This reduces the burden placed on the administrator, particularly when managing large implementations.
    • VTAM Generic Resource Support: Multiple CA TPX Session Management instances work together within a parallel sysplex to provide a single application image. Running these instances as a VTAM generic resource allows VTAM and Workload Manager to balance session loads and helps reduce outages due to network or system loads.
    • Global Operator: A Global Operator is provided to manage applications and users of all CA TPX Session Management instances from a single point of control (see Figure A). This enables commands and responses to be passed between CA TPX Session Management instances operating with the same generic resource name.

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