How to determine which elements use a license (Legacy KB ID CNC TS11641 )
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How to determine which elements use a license (Legacy KB ID CNC TS11641 )


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nhListElementLicenses can be used to identify which elements are using a license.

To get a count of licenses being used, execute the $NH_HOME/nhListElementLicenses command.
This command will output a list of all elements with a number next to each. If the element has a -1 next to it, then it does not use a license.

However, if the element has a positive number next to it, then it does use a license. If the same number is next to several elements, then all of those elements only use one license. The numbers will increment with each license used, so the bottom number is the total licenses being used.

For example, the following is the output from the nhListElementLicenses command:

2 sysName-SH
2 sysName-SH-/
2 sysName-SH-/export
2 sysName-SH-/opt
2 sysName-SH-/tmp
2 sysName-SH-/var
2 sysName-SH-/var/run
2 sysName-SH-Cpu-1
2 sysName-SH-disk-dad0c0t0d0s0
2 sysName-SH-disk-dad1c0t2d0s0
2 sysName-SH-disk-sd0c0t1d0s0
3 sysName-SH-enet-port-2

In this case, one license is being used by all the elements, except sysName-SH-enet-port-2. This element utilizes its own license as can be seen by the incrementation of the count to three. Each additional element that uses its own license will be incremented by one.

This command is for Statistics Poller/ Universal Element licenses only.

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Problem Environment:
nhListElementLicenses usage:

nhListElementLicenses [-h] [-rev] [-inFile {InputFileName - - }] [-outFile OutputFileName] [-primaryOnly] [-count]


-h display this usage
-rev print the product version
-inFile InputFileName Reads the element names from InputFileName. Specify a dash (-) to read the names from standard input.

If the InputFileName is not specified, the command displays the license IDs for all elements.

-outFile OutputFileName Saves the output in OutputFileName
-count adds a total license count to the output
-primaryOnly Print only the elements that consume a license

Additional Information:
To compare the available options for license tracking, please see the knowledge base solution entitled What is the difference between nhListElementLicenses, License Tracking and License Status

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS11641 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements