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Remote configuration changes for CA NSM Agents without using Unicenter Configuration Manager.


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The solution explains the usage of ldconfig and agentctrl for remote Agent configuration control.


To load, remove, and verify agent configuration remotely, use the following command line utilities that are available on every computer that has CA NSM System Agents installed.

In this example the scriptAgt is used.

  1. To create a configset from remote node REMOTENODE for agent scriptAgt

    • Verify the scriptAgt is running on REMOTENODE by running the command:

      orbctrl [email protected] REMOTENODE

      <Please see attached file for image>

      Figure 1

      Run the command: mkconfig [email protected] > scriptagt.config

    • Edit the configset file scriptagt.config and update with your modifications.

    • Default configset name is bootstrap.

      Example: #CONFIGSET scriptAgt:bootstrap
              #SNMPGROUP generalGroup
              agentName                     Windows Script Agent r11.2.08178
              scriptTableCount             2
  2. To load a configset to remote node REMOTENODE for agent scriptAgt

    Run the command: ldconfig -h REMOTENODE scriptagt.config

  3. To load multiple different configsets to remote node REMOTENODE for agent scriptAgt

    • You must use unique CONFIGSET Names

      Example: #CONFIGSET scriptAgt:scriptAgtconfig1

      #CONFIGSET scriptAgt:scriptAgtconfig2

    • After loading each configset, verify the proper existence on REMOTENODE:

      C:\>agentctrl -h REMOTENODE scriptAgt PRINT:ConfigSet:*


  4. To remove a configset from remote node REMOTENODE for agent scriptAgt

    Run the command: ldconfig -r -h REMOTENODE scriptAgt:scriptAgtconfig1

  5. To restart scriptAgt for REMOTENODE with new configset

    Run the following commands:

    servicectrl stop --name=scriptAgt --remote=REMOTENODE
    servicectrl start --name=scriptAgt --remote=REMOTENODE --options="-c scriptAgtconfig2"


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.1-Management-for Microsoft Exchange


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