Remote DB2 bind step should be creating SYSTSPRT and SYSPRINT. No SYSPRINT is being produced.


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Output from the remote bind step SYSTSPRT and SYSPRINT is being placed in temporary datasets. The next step in PCL uses IEBGENER to send the temporary files back to be included with the SCF listing. The SYSPRINT data is not being produced.


The remote bind job DSNTIAD creates SYSTSPRT with LRECL=133 and SYSPRINT with LRECL=121.

DCB attributes specified in JCL (or PCL) always takes a lower priority if the same DCB attribute is explicitly specified by the program writing to SYSPRINT. In other words, if DSNTIAD decides it is going to write 121 byte records to SYSPRINT, this will override the RECFM LRECL=133 in the PCL. To prove or disprove this, you could do the same thing outside Alchemist, writing SYSPRINT to spool and then check the record length that is assigned.

Since the temporary files have different record lengths (LRECL), they cannot be concatenated in the same SYSUT1 DD statement. They need to be concatenated to the SCF listing in separate IEBGENER steps.

For reference, here are the details of the output and PCL used:

ZDCD704I: NC.NM{ALCPRD.PRD.RESF} 2/BINDPKGX: DISPLAY; DOING PACKAGE BINDS FOR           STST99B                                                             ZDCD704I: NC.NM{ALCPRD.PRD.RESF} 2/BINDPKGX; STEP 'DELEXPL1' EXECUTED PGM                                                                                             'IKJEFT01' - COND CODE 0004                                         ZDCD704I: NC.NM{ALCPRD.PRD.RESF} 2/BINDPKGX; STEP 'SENDDEL1' EXECUTED PGM                                                                                           'IEBGENER' - COND CODE 0012 (MAXCC EXCEEDED)                       ZDCD705E: NC.NM{ALCPRD.PRD.RESF} 1/RFDPPPGM; BIND-PACKAGE FAILED (SEE                  PRECEDING STEPS)                                                   ZDCD587E: NC.NM{ALCPRD.PRD.RESF} POST-IMPLEMENTATION PROCESSING FAILED, AFTER          ACTIVATE PROCESS FOR VERSION @0092157                               ----------                                                                                              //BINDPKGX PROC                                     //  DISPLAY 'DOING PACKAGE BINDS FOR  &ENAME'       //*                                                 //DELEXPL1 EXEC PGM=IKJEFT01,MAXCC=4                //* PARM=('DD(SYSPRINT)')                           //*SYSTSPRT DD SYSOUT=*                             //*SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                             //SYSTSPRT DD DSN=&&DELEX1A,DISP=(NEW,PASS),        //            SPACE=(TRK,(2,1)),RECFM=FBA,LRECL=133,//            BLKSIZE=1330                          //SYSPRINT DD DSN=&&DELEX1B,DISP=(NEW,PASS),        //            SPACE=(TRK,(2,1)),RECFM=FBA,LRECL=133,//            BLKSIZE=1330                          //SYSUDUMP DD SYSOUT=*                              //SYSOUT   DD SYSOUT=*                              //SYSTSIN  DD *,FORMAT=(STD,SUB)                      DSN SYSTEM(DSNP)                                    RUN  PROGRAM(DSNTIAD) PLAN(DSNTIAD) -               LIB('DSN720.RUNLIB.LOAD')                         /*                                                  //SYSIN    DD *,FORMAT=(STD,SUB)                      DELETE                                              FROM  PRDSASPL.PLAN_TABLE                           WHERE  PROGNAME='&ENAME';                           DELETE                                                                FROM  PRDSASPL.DSN_STATEMNT_TABLE                                     WHERE  PROGNAME='&ENAME';                                           /*                                                                    //    ENDEXEC                                                         //SENDDEL1 EXEC PGM=IEBGENER,MAXCC=4,COND=EVEN,                       //         DDPARM=(,,,,SYSIN,SYSPRINT,,SYSUT1,SYSUT2)                 //SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=*                                               //SYSUT1   DD   *,FORMAT=(NONUM,SUB),LRECL=133,BLKSIZE=1330           &STRT SCF HOLD(&HP) RET(&RP) VER(&CCNO) APPEND                          *** THIS LISTING IS FROM RESF NODE *** FOR SAS DELETE               ------------------------------------------------------                /*                                                                    //         DD  DSN=&&DELEX1A,DISP=(OLD,DELETE)                        //         DD  DSN=&&DELEX1B,DISP=(OLD,DELETE)                        //SYSIN    DD  DUMMY                                                  //SYSUT2   DD  SYSOUT=(&CLSID,&ENAME,@@@@),DEST=RSVDEVL,              //             DCB=(LRECL=133,BLKSIZE=1330)                           //    ENDEXEC                                                                                                                               ----------                                                                                                                                  SYSPRINT=*                                                                                                                                  DATA SET UTILITY - GENERATE                                           IEB352I WARNING: ONE OR MORE OF THE OUTPUT DCB PARMS COPIED FROM INPUT                                                                      IEB351I I/O ERROR ,ALCPDS  ,ALCPDS  ,1D2E,D,        ,READ             ,WRNG.LEN.RECORD,00000061000A00,BSAM                                      SDSF OUTPUT DISPLAY ALCPDS   STC29713  DSID     2 LINE 17      COLS 02- 81                                                                       COMMAND INPUT ===>                                            SCROLL ===>CSR                                                                      00.00.00 STC29713 ---- TUESDAY,   05 MAY 2009 ----                       STC29713  1/RFDPPPGM; ******* ALCPRD.RPCLLIB                             STC29713  2/BINDPKGX; DOING PACKAGE BINDS FOR  STST99B                   09.27.45 STC29713  IGD101I SMS ALLOCATED TO DDNAME (SYS00005)  925       925                     DSN (SYS09125.T092745.RA000.ALCPDS.DELEX1A.H01   )                                                                        925                     STORCLAS (TEMP01) MGMTCLAS (        ) DATACLAS   (                                                                        925                     VOL SER NOS= STMP04                              09.27.45 STC29713  IGD101I SMS ALLOCATED TO DDNAME (SYS00006)  926       926                     DSN (SYS09125.T092745.RA000.ALCPDS.DELEX1B.H01   )                                                                        926                     STORCLAS (TEMP01) MGMTCLAS (        ) DATACLAS   (                                                                        926                     VOL SER NOS= STMP06                              09.27.45 STC29713  IGD101I SMS ALLOCATED TO DDNAME (SYSTSIN )  927       927                     DSN (SYS09125.T092745.RA000.ALCPDS.R0162377  )   927                     STORCLAS (TEMP01) MGMTCLAS (        ) DATACLAS (                                                                      927                     VOL SER NOS= STMP00                            09.27.45 STC29713  IGD101I SMS ALLOCATED TO DDNAME (SYSIN   )  928     928                     DSN (SYS09125.T092745.RA000.ALCPDS.R0162378  ) 928                     STORCLAS (TEMP01) MGMTCLAS (        ) DATACLAS (                                                                      928                     VOL SER NOS= STMP01                            09.27.46 STC29713  IGD101I SMS ALLOCATED TO DDNAME (SYS00009)  929     929                     DSN (SYS09125.T092746.RA000.ALCPDS.R0162379  ) 929                     STORCLAS (TEMP01) MGMTCLAS (        ) DATACLAS (                                                                      929                     VOL SER NOS= STMP03                            STC29713  1/RFDPPPGM; PCL ERROR. TYPE 0703: BIND-PACKAGE FAILED (SEE PR*******


Component: ALCMST