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CA Spectrum WLC Manager is not connecting the intermediate switch to the Access Point when using Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)


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CA Spectrum


When discovering connections from the Cisco Wireless Lan Controller (WLC) to the switch to the Access Point (AP) the connection is not made from the intermediate switch to the AP.




The connectivity information is only available in the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) table of the intermediate switch.  The CDP functionality in Spectrum relies on both models having a CDP_app.  Since AP models are pingables, and are not SNMP capable, no CDP_app model is created for them and Spectrum does not create the connection.  Spectrum utilizes the dot1dBridge MIB tables ( for connections from the switch to the AP.  In this instance, the switch does not have the AP in the dot1dBridge MIB table and only in the CDP table.  Since Spectrum does not create connections for CDP when only one model has the CDP data, the connection is not made. 


The solution/workaround is to have the connectivity available in the dot1dBridge MIB tables ( of the switch.  Utilizing the CDP table only for the connectivity is being considered as an enhancement for a future release of Spectrum.