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Identity Manager Reporting, Custom Crystal Reports clarifications...


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We have the need to create custom Crystal Reports and interface with IM.

We don't have questions on reporting. The "out of the box" canned reporting process works just fine.

We are not asking for any custom report development. We have resources to do the custom report development.

What is missing is a methodology (using existing tools) for reports to access the data in the IM databases for report purposes?

We only want to know how to use the installed/provided IM R12 tools to gain access to the data being used as input into reports.

The IM R12 product is bundled with Business Objects (BO) Enterprise 11.5.

I've reviewed, but can't seem to find all the utilities referenced within this publication?

The tech document refers to " Crystal Report Developer XI" at the beginning of Chapter 2. We notice that this particular product is NOT provided/bundled with CA IM R12.

There are quite a few Business Objects (Crystal) tools bundled with IM R12. We included a list of these tools

We do see and find the following products with CA IAM Report Server:

  • Business View Manager

  • Business Objects Enterprise Developer Documentation

  • Business Objects Enterprise Java Administration Launchpad

  • Business Objects Enterprise Crystal Reports Explorer

  • Business Objects Enterprise Infoview

  • Central Configuration Manager

  • Data Source Migration Wizard

  • Designer

  • Desktop Intelligence

  • Import Wizard

  • Publishing Wizard

  • Registration Wizard

  • Report Conversion Tool

  • Repository Migration Wizard

  • Software Inventory Tool

  • Universe Builder

We do find some of these tools useful, however the tech document refers to images and screens that are in some of these tools, but we still cannot figure out how to make the data/universe "available" to Crystal.

How can we get this "missing link" so we can produce custom reports?


Crystal Reports Developer is not provided by CA, so the customer needs to purchase a license from BO/SAP. The recommended Crystal Reports Designer is not include with the IM bundle and must be purchased separately.

Bundled BO tools, Business View manager and crystal explorer, please note that business view manager is not a report authoring tool, so it has very limited capability. It only works on the reports that already have business views and it can only change certain fields. If this limited functionality meets your needs, you can use Business View manager and Crystal Explorer. But if you need full report authorizing functionality,

Crystal Report Developer is the recommended tool and it's the tool tested with IM r12 and r12.5 reporting.

For anything to do with Crystal Report modification, client should buy the Crystal Report developer license. While, they can use the business View manager and crystal explorer, you should note that business view manager is not a report authoring tool. This tool allows you to create data model for use with crystal report developer and crystal explorer is tool with very limited capability in fact only work on the reports that already have business views and it can only change certain fields. Neither one of these tools are appropriate tools for modifying crystal reports, you should recommend that for modification of the Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports Developer need to be purchased.

IM reporting does not use Universe. It uses JDBC connection directly to the reporting database. To establish connection to IM reporting database, please refer to Page 14 - 17 in the Green Paper " How to Create Custom Reports in Identity Manager R12"

CR DEV 2008 custom developed reports require GSE engagement to integrate with IM r12 reporting. Otherwise please simply use CR developer XI.

Crystal report 2008 has new features that are only supported in the BOXI 3.X , so if you use any of the new features like the "on report sorting", when this report is deployed on the BOXI 2.x ( BIEK 1.0) the report will not function properly.

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Release: CAPUEL99000-12.5-Identity Manager-Blended upgrade to Identity &-Access Mgmt Ente

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