OneClick console will not open (Legacy KB ID CNC TS24091 )
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OneClick console will not open (Legacy KB ID CNC TS24091 )


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CA eHealth


eHealth uses a version of Perl which is included in the software package and is installed by default with eHealth. This version is installed into $NH_HOME/web/aview/perl/bin.

Normally, $NH_HOME/web/aview/perl/bin is not added to the PATH environment variable. However it is not unusual or uncommon to see it in the PATH as many customers want to take advantage of Perl and run their own scripts using eHealth's Perl package. When they do so, they manually alter the PATH and add $NH_HOME/web/aview/perl/bin to it.

There is typically no problem with adding $NH_HOME/web/aview/perl/bin to the PATH as long as it comes after the three paths for nutcroot (/nutcroot/bin, /nutcroot/bin/X11 and /nutcroot/mksnt). Adding it before the three nutcroot paths results in OneClick failing to launch and returning the following in the $NH_HOME/web/httpd/httpd-errors log:


Unknown option: n\r
Usage: head [-options] <url>...\r


This is followed by full usage for head. After the launching of OneClick times out, the following is seen:

Error:CMI-00325: could not determine eHealth version


When OneClick is launched there is a version check to determine the patch level of eHealth which is running to ensure it is compatible with the OneClick client being run. When the version check occurs in the background, it essentially is running nhShowRev for version information and passing through head (and awk). The version of head being used should be the MKS (nutcroot) version, not the Perl version. When Perl (and its path to Perl's version of head) comes before MKS in the PATH statement, the version check fails.

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Problem Environment:
Microsoft Windows

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS24091 )


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements