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While performing the initial data load from CA Asset Portfolio Management to CA software Asset Manager, all of the imports fail due to a missing tpl-locations-countries-mapping.xml file


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During the the initial data load from CA Asset Portfolio Management to CA Software Asset Manager, after selecting the load data button, all of the data imports in CA Software Asset Manager fail with the error: 

File list: 
- 0001003047.csv (UTF-8) (Headline validation: loose) 
Data sources: none 
Restricted import: no 
Not processed 
The following errors occurred: 
<template>: File not found (tpl-locations-countries-mapping.xml) (ASP-I9) 



CA Software Asset Manager 4.x
CA Asset Portfolio Management 14.1, any patch level


Attached to this tech doc is the tpl-locations-countries-mapping.xml file.  

Install the tpl-locations-countries-mapping.xml file into the following directory on the SAM server: 

\Program Files (x86)\CA\SAM\app\uploads\prod\data_exchange\superuser\import_templates

Information on the XML file's contents is provided under "Additional Information"

Additional Information

The following is the contents of the file "tpl-locations-countries-mapping.xml". 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


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