How to enable Alert Manager debugging in Spectrum
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How to enable Alert Manager debugging in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


This document describes methods to enable "Alert Manager" debug which can help in troubleshooting inbound traps to Spectrum.

NOTE: This debug is best useful only after confirming the trap has been received by Spectrum via sniffer / packet capture.  


Release: All Supported Releases

Component: SPCAEM - Events and Alarms



1. The simplest method to enable Alert Manager debug is to access Dynamic Debugging options on VNM model: 

2. CLI Actions can be sent to the VNM model to enable/disable alert manager debug: 

-  to enable all alert debugging for IP address aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd you would send the following CLI commands, substituting the VNM model's handle:

  cd $SPECROOT/vnmsh



  ./show models | grep VNM (take note of the VNM model_handle to use in the next command)

  ./update action=0x10245 mh=<VNM mh> index=0,attr=1,type=0x13,


The action should return a message saying that debug is on for that address.

To turn off the debug send action 0x10246 to the VNM model.

For either method, any time a trap is then received and processed some output will be written to the server console (VNM.OUT). It will contain some details about how that trap was handled, which models it was sent to, which event was generated, etc.

If debug shows up for the traps, then you can be sure the trap is being received. The debug output can be further evaluated to determine the trap's fate.

If there is no debug output, either it did not even reach the server or there was a failure in the layers before the alert manager. It is recommended to run a sniffer / packet capture to confirm the trap is landing on the server.