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How to Create a Service Desk Ticket Template on the Service Desk Server. (Legacy KB ID CNC TS29941 )


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CA Spectrum


To create a SPECTRUM Service Desk ticket template:

1. From the Service Desk server home page, select the Service Desk tab.

2. Select File -> New Issue. The Create New Issue window opens.

3. In the Create New Issue window, enter spectrum in the Affected End User field.

4. (Optional) You can configure the integration to assign all Service Desk tickets created by SPECTRUM to a specific troubleshooter by default. To do this,

a. Click the Assignee link. The Analyst List page opens.

b. Search for the contact name of the person you want to set as the default troubleshooter.

c. Click the link in the Name column of the desired troubleshooter. The troubleshooter is added to the Assignee field as the default.

5. Select the Template tab at the bottom of the Create New Issue page.

6. Enter SPECTRUM_TEMPLATE in the Template Name field. You can optionally enter a description for this template in the Description field.

7. Click Save to save the template.

Related Issues/Questions:
How to Create a Service Desk Ticket Template on the Service Desk Server.

Problem Environment:
CA Service Desk r11

Causes of this problem:
You must create a Service Desk ticket template for new Service Desk tickets created from SPECTRUM alarms. This ticket template specifies the format of Service Desk tickets created from OneClick alarms.

Additional Information:
You can configure Service Desk to use Issues, Requests, or Incidents (when ITIL methodology is used on the Service Desk server) as the default ticket type created by OneClick. The procedures in this section refer to "Issues." If you want to use Requests or Incidents instead (which allow you to support Incident and Problem type requests), you must replace all references to "Issues" with "Requests" or "Incidents," respectively. For example, in this step, replace File -> New Issue with File -> New Request or File -> New Incident. For an example using Requests, see the example of creating Service Desk tickets automatically for a single alarm type (see page 29 of the SPECTRUM and CA Service Desk Integration Guide).
You can customize your Service Desk and SPECTRUM integration to use more than the default template. By editing the SPECTRUM_POLICY Web Services Policy, you can add different problem types that refer to different ticket templates. For more information about how to add problem types to the Web Services Policy in Service Desk, see the Unicenter Service Desk Web Services User Guide.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS29941 )


Release: SPPREM05900-9.1-Spectrum-Infrastructure Manager-Premium Suite