What is the difference between ad-hoc and Scheduled Discovery (Legacy KB ID CNC TS26600 )
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What is the difference between ad-hoc and Scheduled Discovery (Legacy KB ID CNC TS26600 )


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A given discover job can either be run ad-hoc (interactively) or can be scheduled to run at regular intervals. 

Scheduled discovery works in much the same way as interactive discovery with a few important differences:

1) Scheduled discovery will only create new elements if you have selected this option,

2) You will not be able to edit the results before they are saved into your poller configuration with a scheduled discovery.
Some common questions:
   Q1)    Does the Schedule job Discovery from poller configuration  rediscover the entire device with the associated IP or will it only update existing polled elements?
   A1) It will discover the entire device, but if nothing changed, no new  elements will be created.  Both interactive and scheduled discover works this way: re-discovery is designed to pick up changes and update
   the existing elements.  It only creates new elements when there is new hardware or apps detected, or when there is so much different that the Discover-Merge process cannot determine with certainly that it *is*
   finding the same device.
   Q2) If new partitions or hard drives are added to the server,  will they be discovered by this option?
   A2) Yes, both scheduled and interactive discover will pick up the changes in the same manner.
   Q3) Are the newly discovered elements via scheduled discovery added automatically to the poller configuration or is there a manual intervention?
   A3) If you choose "create new elements" when scheduling the discover, it will add them to the poller config.
For more information on scheduling discover and other eHealth jobs, refer to the Scheduling Jobs section of the eHealth Administration Guide.


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Additional Information:
While it is possible to have the scheduled discover job automatically save changes, it is recommended that the changes be reviewed prior to being saved to the eHealth database.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS26600 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements