Polls using SNMP v3 take a long time to complete (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31264 )
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Polls using SNMP v3 take a long time to complete (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31264 )


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CA eHealth



For CA eHealth to discover and poll devices using the SNMPv3 protocol, you must install and use the SNMP Security Pack software (DSSP) from SNMP Research International, Inc.

However, it is known that the default arguments for the "brassd" proxy server are not sufficient for CA eHealth to poll large numbers of elements with SNMPv3, e.g. more than 6,000 elements, and could cause the polling process to be very slow for SNMPv3 devices.

This limitation is reported in the CA eHealth Readme file, the CA eHealth Administration Guide and the KB document TEC518307, and the following guidelines are suggested to resolve the problem.

Make the following changes to the default arguments values for the "brassd" proxy server:

from default value

-unm -subagent -wbufnum 4096 

to modified values:

-unm -subagent -wbufnum 4096 -sndsocksize 32768 -rcvsocksize 174760 

However no details are provided to properly run the above command.

In addition the referenced "-unm" option can be replaced by "-secpack" option.


To adjust the "brassd" server startup parameters and allocate more memory to it, run the following command from the CA eHealth server (using the same user the brassd proxy server was installed with):

  • On Windows:

    \Program Files\Snmpri\DSSP\brass\bin> brassd -install -secpack -wbufnum 4096 -sndsocksize 32768 -rcvsocksize 174760
  • On Unix:

    /opt/Snmpri/SecurityPack/brass/bin/brassd/brassd -install -secpack -wbufnum 4096 -sndsocksize 32768 -rcvsocksize 174760

The above command should return a message similar to this:

"SNMP BRASS Server/Subagent/SecPack/DistSrv service already installed (installed arguments updated)"

After the command completes, stop and restart "brassd" service to enable the changes.


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements