The Oracle OOB Patch fails when the install script tried to overwrite the oraevrus10.dll file.
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The Oracle OOB Patch fails when the install script tried to overwrite the oraevrus10.dll file.


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CA eHealth



Before installing and upgrade from eHealth 6.1.x to 6.2.1 or 6.2.2, you must install the Oracle OOB. On Windows servers, this may fail out with a long java error that begins with the following lines in the file "Program Files/Oracle/Inventory/logs/oraInstall2008-04-14_12-16-39PM.err":

12:19:28 [%ORACLE_HOME%]\bin\oraevrus10.dll (The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open)
12:19:28 at Method)

Cause: Windows Management Instrumentation (or other windows service) is holding specific Oracle dll files and preventing them from being updated.


The following CA and Windows services must be stopped if they are installed on your system:

CA DAI Server
CA DSM r11 Common Application Framework
CA Message Queuing Server
CA Pest Patrol Realtime Protection Service
CA Unicenter NSM Systems Performance Agent for UAM
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Service

You can use Cmd line 'tasklist /m oraevrus10.dll' to find if mapped to other software, but does not show all.

Best thing to do is stop all services 'not really needed' during the Oracle OOB install.

Important! The Oracle patch upgrade portion of the installation will fail if the WMI service is not disabled.

The failure of upgrade will leave a corrupted Oracle installation, customer will not be able to reinstall the upgrade, and will not even to startup the Oracle database.

In general customer will have to:

  1. Uninstall Oracle or the whole eHealth installation (like explained in CA eHealth Installation Guide -> Removing eHealth and Related Applications)
  2. Install a clean eHealth & Oracle
  3. Run nhLoadDb from previous nhsavedb.


Component: EHINST