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The NH_MACHINE table and the NH_ELEMENT table can both be accessed as part of the eHealth DB API from eHealth Distributed Console machines. Statistics associated with elements cannot be accessed from eHealth Distributed Console machines.

When accessing the DB API from an eHealth Distributed Console machine, it is not necessary to run nhDbApi.

The NH_MACHINE table maintains a list of the machines in a eHealth Distributed Cluster. It includes the fields that identify the machine, such as its name and type. This table also includes the MACHINE_ID, which can be used to join the NH_MACHINE table with the NH_ELEMENT table to identify which machine in the cluster an element is associated with.

Column Name Type Length Description

machine_id number 11 Specifies a unique ID for a machine in the distributed cluster.

name varchar2 256 Specifies the name of the machine. This name can be used with DNS to determine the address of the cluster member.

machine_type number 11 Specifies the type of the machine. 50000 represents an eHealth Distributed System, while 50001 represents an eHealth Distribtued Console.

contacts varchar2 256 Specifies the optional contact information that was associated with the machine when it joined the cluster.

removed number 11 Specifies whether the machine is currently active.

If this value is non-zero, then the machine has been removed from the cluster and is no longer active.

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Problem Environment:
eHealth 6.1
Distributed eHealth
Problem Ticket: PRD00037829

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS30965 )


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