USM with several duplicates nodes


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USM with several duplicates nodes


When you open the USM at portal and you are able to see duplicates devices you need to check the table cm_computer_system

Execute this command:

select * from cm_computer_system where name = 'duplicate_device'

Follow up the output for the command and check the column ORIGIN to see if has more than one origin.

At my sample I can see origin:




Check the column DEDICATED to see if has entry for Host and Device as below:

26612 AE2F3248-45B1-4441-B96D-3C5A646D8121 Host duplicate_device HUB_A duplicate_device
31696 332D4660-264A-45DC-9F98-1E616A4CE5CA Device duplicate_device HUB_B duplicate_device 
31706 8066CE53-70A3-48F9-A02F-05693695ACCA Device duplicate_device HUB_C duplicate_device  

This mean you have a robot installed on the server "duplicate_device_server" under HUB_A and also a remote probe installed on the HUB_B and HUB_C monitoring the "duplicate device_server" (ip


Any version of UIM




If you want to have a remote probe monitoring the same server/device you must install on the HUB_A the remote probe that you are using on the HUB_B or HUB_C with same metrics/configuration, but you must remove the monitoring ip_address or device_name from the remote probe on both HUB's, HUB_B and HUB_C.

If you don't want to install a new probe, you also must remove the remote probe configuration to the "duplicate_device_server" and start use the probe QOS_PROCESSOR to change the origin based on the manual below: