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Using some old Dynam T tapes, users get the error CADT027W DYNAM/T TAPE nnnnnn NOT IN CATALOG. Can these tapes be used?


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Dynam for VSE Dynam VSE Option



We are trying to use some scratch carts which were used successfully by a Dynam T system in the past but now when we try to use these tapes we get the following error message; CADT027W DYNAM/T TAPE nnnnnn NOT IN CATALOG. What is wrong?


This error will occur if the CATALOG OWNER (not the VTS OWNERID) in the tape header is not the same as the OWNER field in the Dynam Catalog (CAICATL) and OWNCHK or the field " Check Catalog Owner ID During AVR: YES (YES, NO)" is set to yes in screen CAYD-1211. In order to use these tapes, reinitialize them with DYNCAT INT or change OWNCHK to NO.


Component: DYNTVS