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Delta times in report do not appear to match sample times (Legacy KB ID CNC TS17353 )


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CA eHealth


TotalTime is the actual value of the time between samples, or the time between good polls. In most cases, deltaTime equals totalTime and this would be seen when comparing the deltaTime in reports to the manual calculation of the time between samples.

How can deltaTime be less than totalTime?

DeltaTime is the time between two consecutive good polls that do not have any intervening bad polls or system resets. DeltaTime will include the time for missed polls.

For those instances when deltaTime is shorter than totalTime (the time between samples), something has occurred to cause either bad polls or system resets.

After a bad poll or system reset, eHealth needs two good polls to rebaseline the poll cycle. The totalTime would start from the last good poll prior to the bad poll, but the deltaTime would start at the first good poll after the bad poll. Both totalTime and deltaTime would end at the second consecutive good poll.

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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS17353 )


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