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What is the Converged Network Data Collector (CNDC) (Legacy KB ID CNC TS30691 )


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CA eHealth


eHealth Converged Network Data Collector (CNDC) is an eHealth module which collects non-SNMP data from voice and other media network servers. CNDC extends the reach of eHealth into the arena of the detailed configuration and performance data that is typically stored on voice mail systems, IP-based PBX systems, and other media servers in a converged network environment.

CNDC is supported on Windows and Solaris and is automatically installed with eHealth (6.1.1 and higher) on those platforms. CNDC requires a separate license to operate.


The feature documented above has been added in the following release(s):

     eHealth 6.1 Service Pack 1 (aka 6.1.1)

eHealth Service Packs are available for download at: Service Pack and Product Downloads. Please review the README file for each Service Pack prior to installing. CA recommends that users always keep eHealth current by installing the latest Service Pack available.

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Problem Environment:
eHealth 6.1.1

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS30691 )


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