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Both versions are driven by the same underlying engine, but netViz Professional has more powerful features. These are the features you'll find only in netViz Professional (netViz Pro)

Graph Layout - Applies mathematical algorithms to groups of nodes to minimize link crossing, and provide graphical information about the relationships among diagram objects. There are six algorithms including hierarchical, orthogonal, and spring

Task Scheduler - Automate project refreshes from linked databases with a simple Windows pulldown

ODBC Connectivity- A drag-and-drop interface that links your netViz objects to outside databases. Refresh your netViz projects from the database or write back to the database from your projects

Previewer- Rest the cursor on a node and you will see a preview of the diagram one level down. Rest the cursor on a link and you will see the two diagrams at the link's endpoints. If you're looking at your netViz objects in a traditional table view, rest the cursor on a record and you will see a preview of the diagram in which the object is located

PowerPoint Export- Export your netViz project to PowerPoint with the project hierarchy intact

Create Data-Driven Graphics - Create netViz graphics whose appearance will change based upon changes in the embedded data values (data-driven graphics are viewable in both versions of netViz, but can be created only in netViz Pro)


Visio Import- Bring the existing Visio diagrams into netViz

Web Publishing- Publish the netViz diagrams and underlying data to the Web (netViz Web-publishing server software must be purchased separately)

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