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How to obtain the full syntax of a report (Legacy KB ID CNC TS2647 )


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CA eHealth


The full syntax for a report can be determined in either of 2 ways:

Method 1:
     1)  Run the report via the console
     2) Click the 'Show Command' button while the report is running.
     3) Copy and paste the command from the window. 

Method 2:
     1) Schedule the report
     2) Run command: nhSchedule -list -full > tmp/outfile. The output can be used as a template for scheduling reports of the same type.

Here's an example of a Trend report's invoked command from the "show command" button:

nhReport -wip -rptType trend -rptName Standard -subjType element -elemType wan -subjName keg:6804-6804-atm-VC-1-1-1-308 -uiNamesType \
names -subjAlias keg:6804-6804-atm-VC-1-1-1-308 -fromDate 08/24/2001 -fromTime "00:00" -toDate 09/24/2001 -toTime "23:59" -vars "bitsIn,bitsOut" \
-protocols all -divBy time -namesType names -chartType line -chartOpts standard -gran asIs -outputDir $(NH_HOME)/output/$(_reportType)/ -pdf \
$(SUBJECT)_$(DATE)_$(TIME).pdf -after "nhMail [email protected]"

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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS2647 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements