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Which processes should I discover to monitor eHealth (Legacy KB ID CNC TS17263 )


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CA eHealth


Discovering and polling eHealth related processes can assist greatly in troubleshooting performance/resource issues as well as provided detailed information for capacity planning as it relates to eHealth.

In order to discover these processes, a SystemEDGE agent must reside on the system where eHealth is installed. SystemEDGE will then allow eHealth to discover and poll the configured processes running on the system. The processes which should be discovered will be dependant upon the version of eHealth which is running.

For eHealth 5.7 and above, the following processes are active and should be monitored:

        'nhiMsgServer' - eHealth Message Server
        'nhiDbServer' - eHealth Database Server
        'nhiCfgServer'  - eHealth Configuration Server
        'nhiLiveExSvr' - eHealth Live Exceptions Server
        'nhiRespServer' - eHealth Response Server
        'nhiArControl' - eHealth AR Controller
        'nhiNotifierSvr' - eHealth Notifier Server
        'nhiTrapServerCmu' - eHealth Trap Server
        'nhiRmtIn' - eHealth Remote Message Transfer In (Distributed Architecture)
        'nhiRmtOut' - eHealth Remote Message Transfer Out (Distributed Architecture)
        'nhiRftIn' - eHealth Remote File Transfer In (Distributed Architecture)
        'nhiRftOut' - eHealth Remote File Transfer Out (Distributed Architecture)
        'nhiPoller -remote no' - eHealth Statistics Poller
        'nhiPoller -dlg' - eHealth Dialog Poller (Traffic Accountant)
        'nhiPoller -import -remote no' - eHealth Import Poller (Integration Modules)
        'nhiPoller -live' - eHealth Fast Live Poller (Live Trend Fast Poller)

The related 5.7 and above Oracle processes are:

*Note: There are several other Oracle processes that may be active, the following are the key processes

        'ora_smon_EHEALTH' - Oracle System Monitor
        'ora_pmon_EHEALTH' - Oracle Process Monitor
        'ora_dbw0_EHEALTH' - Oracle Database Writer
        'ora_lgwr_EHEALTH' - Oracle Log Writer
        'ora_arc0_EHEALTH' - Oracle Archiver 0
        'ora_arc1_EHEALTH' - Oracle Archiver 1
        'ora_ckpt_EHEALTH' - Oracle Checkpoint Process
        'ora_reco_EHEALTH' - Oracle Recover Server


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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS17263 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements