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NuTCRACKER Errors in Windows event logs (Legacy KB ID CNC TS25845 )


Article ID: 52001


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CA eHealth


The issue documented above has been resolved in the following release(s):

    eHealth 6.0 Service Pack 04

eHealth Service Packs are available for download at: Service Pack and Product Downloads. Please review the README file for each Service Pack prior to installing. CA recommends that users always keep eHealth current by installing the latest Service Pack available.

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NuTCRACKER Errors in Windows event logs
Several NuTCRACKER Errors in Windows event logs
Error: "Global critical section Nut4ShmIdGlobalCriticalSection was abandoned by process <PID>. [nutsrv4.exe (.\shminit.c:383) PID=<####> TID=<###>]"
Error: "Cleaning up process table entry 23 for process <PID>, exit code 0x00000009, name unknown. [nutsrv4.exe (.\process.c:322) PID=<####> TID=<####>]"
eHealth hangs and must be rebooted to resume activity
eHealth functionality becomes reduced over time
The "whoami" command may hang
Several  nhiJava or nhiMessage or nhManageUsers processes may be seen in task manager 

Problem Environment:
eHealth 6.0 SP02 and later
Problem Ticket: PRD00029246

Causes of this problem:
Apache 2.2 was introduced in eHealth 6.0 SP02 which terminates the NutCracker based cgi executables before they can clean up their process information in the NutCracker process table. This eventually leads to a system wide hang as no new NutCracker based processes can terminate. NutCracker provides the UNIX environment for eHealth processes.

Additional Information:
Rebooting the server will allow activity to resume

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS25845 )


Component: EHCON