I get error [SDM228481] when trying to deliver/install software packages to a DSM/ITCM Scalability Server.


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The error [SDM228481] is only arisen when trying to deliver software to the Scalability Server itself using its own SD Agent.

However, delivering packages to agent computers depending on the failing Scalability Server works as expected.


Normally, the most likely cause for this error to appear is that the DSM/ITCM agent does not depend on the scalability server running on the same computer.

In order to resolve it, make the DSM/ITCM agent to depend on the Scalability Server installed on the same computer by either:

  1. Run the following command on a command prompt window on the Scalability Server:

    caf setserveraddress localhost


  2. Right clicking on the DSM/ITCM systray icon.

    Selecting 'Common Agent/Properties' and changing the 'Registered to Server' value to 'localhost' (with no quotes) in the 'General' tab.

NOTE: If the problem does not get resolved with any of these suggestions, please open an issue with CA-Support at http://support.ca.com


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence