Database Analyzer space calculation


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What is the formula to use to turn RATS_PQTY_A+RATS_SQTY_A in PTI. RATS_STATS_1105  into CYLs on the Space Summary report (option 6)?   For 4K pages you appear to divide by 180 but I don’t understand why 180 works?   The same for RAIX_PQTY_A + RAIX_SQTY_A in PTI.RAIX_STATS_1105 as well please.


Component: PDA


12 4K pages per track, 15 tracks per cylinder = 180 4K pages per cylinder. (on a 3390 device) check out the DB2 Administration Guide.  The v10 version is here:

The rest of DB2v10 manuals are located here: