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Can SPECTRUM's Discovery application utilize the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)?


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CA Spectrum


Can SPECTRUM's Discovery application utilize the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)? 


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On the devices in your network, be sure that CDP is enabled.  For Cisco related devices that have CDP enabled, SPECTRUM will create a CiscoCDPApp application model.  The OneClick information view of the device will have a "CDP View" showing the CDP status.  When enabled, SPECTRUM will use CDP tables to discover and model the network without sweeping through all of the subnets IPs.  Using CDP information is very fast and on average will only take a couple of minutes.  Discovering the same network without utilizing CDP could take a couple of hours. 



Here are the steps to do the discovery utilizing CDP:
1.  Launch Discovery by selecting Tools, Utilities, Discovery from SPECTRUM OneClick.
2.  Create a new configuration
3.  Enter the seed router IPs and note that the more you enter the better the results of the discovery will be.
4.  Set the Discovery Type dependent upon what you are discovering.
5.  Select the "Use ARP and Cisco CDP tables to discover subnets" option.
6.  In the IP Boundary List* window, enter the IP ranges to discover.  If you don't know all of the network IPs, or if you want SPECTRUM to discover all of the known networks that are configured on the devices, enter in the complete IP range: --  SPECTRUM will only query the IPs the devices know about.
7.  Configure other Modeling Options or Advanced Options that are needed.
8.  Select the "Save options as default" if desired and select the Discover button to launch the discovery.

Additional Information

Reference the "Define the Modeling Options" section of the documentation for more information.