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Poller overrun occurs hourly (Legacy KB ID CNC TS32667 )


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CA eHealth


To work-around the issue, please disable DB API auto update using the following command
    nhDbApi -autoUpdate No

You can manually update the DB API Views using the following command afterward to replace the auto update. You can schedule this command to run daily or weekly instead of hourly.
    nhDbApi -updateStatistics

Related Issues/Questions:
Poller overrun occurs hourly
Poller overrun occurs at the top of each hour
Error: "Pgm nhiPoller[Net]: A scheduled poll was missed, the next poll will occur now  (Statistics Poller)."

Problem Environment:
DB API is being used and DB API auto update is set to Yes
eHealth 6.0

Causes of this problem:
Poller overrun occurs because writing contention in Oracle database during DB API auto update which runs hourly by default when it is enabled.

Additional Information:
To verify if the DB API is enabled and set to auto update refer to TS32668

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS32667 )


Component: EHCON