How to configure TrapExploder for SNMPv3 (Legacy KB ID CNC TS32047 )
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How to configure TrapExploder for SNMPv3 (Legacy KB ID CNC TS32047 )


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CA eHealth


The eHealth 6.0 documentation states that it is unsupported, but it is possible to  use the "blind" filter to send SNMPv3 traps through without parsing or decoding them. There is no other reference to SNMPv3 in the documentation.

The definition for the blind filter is described in the eHealth? TrapEXPLODER User Guide:

"blind ? Forward traps without parsing or decoding them first. This feature is useful for forwarding malformed traps or unsupported SNMP versions (such as SNMPv3). It enables filtering only on the source IP address.

Example: To forward traps to a system with a hostname of lemon on port 5058 without parsing or decoding, enter the following:

filter * * * * * * blind lemon:5058"

In the eHealth 6.1 documentation, it states "when SNMPv3 Traps are received by CA eHealth TrapEXPLODER, it forwards them to the configured trap destinations without performing any SNMPv3 user authentication. Therefore, SNMPv3 user configuration is not required for CA eHealth TrapEXPLODER."

Using the blind filter will handle the SNMPv3 traps going through TrapExploder

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