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RESET INTEGRITY does exclusive Enqueue before executing.


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This document explains the updated functionality of RESET INTEGRITY in TPX 5.3, a job that will reset the VSAM VSI Integrity Record for TPX VSAM files.


TPX uses up to five VSAM files to store definitions, tables mails, and other organizational data. These files are named ADMIN1, ADMIN2, NOTES, MAIL and VIEW. When copying these files to another volume or reorganizing them the RESET INTEGRITY job must run.

When you submit the RESET INTEGRITY job (a sample of that job is provided in member 'TPX53.CB0VSRC(BATCHINI)') for one or more of these VSAM-files the Batchjob issues an exclusive Enqueue on every VSAM file specified in the SYSIN of that Job before resetting the VSAM VSI Record. As TPX itself issues a shared Enqueue during its start on these files the RESET INTEGRITY Job will end with these informational messages if TPX is still running:

TPB614 <day> <time> UNABLE TO ENQ  VSAM DD ADMIN1  .  ENQ RETURN CODE=00297070.
TPB614 <day> <time> UNABLE TO ENQ  VSAM DD ADMIN2  .  ENQ RETURN CODE=00297070.
TPB614 <day> <time> UNABLE TO ENQ  VSAM DD NOTES   .  ENQ RETURN CODE=00297070.
TPB614 <day> <time> UNABLE TO ENQ  VSAM DD MAIL    .  ENQ RETURN CODE=00297070.
TPB614 <day> <time> UNABLE TO ENQ  VSAM DD VIEW    .  ENQ RETURN CODE=00297070.

These messages were generated when running the Job with this SYSIN-Statement.


If access to a file is exclusively possible then the message written in the log reads

TPBL1010 <day> <time>  VSAM ERA CTLREC 0 return code is    0
for every successful accessed file.

However the job tries to get exclusive access to one file after the other. So if in this example the exclusive access to ADMIN1 and ADMIN2 is possible, but not to NOTES, then the Job resets the VSAM VSI record for ADMIN1 and ADMIN2 before ending as not getting exclusive access to NOTES.


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