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Creating Notifier rules to send email to different contacts based on groups, profiles, or alarm types (Legacy KB ID CNC TS29193 )


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CA eHealth


When creating a profile rule, you have the option of narrowing down the criteria for when the rule will activate, as listed in the lower half of the Notifier Rule Editor in the section "Match all the following".

The first such piece of the limiting criteria is to match the rule with elements within subjects (groups); you can choose All Subjects or a Specific Subject. If you choose All Subjects, email will be sent to the contact list for all problems in all monitored groups and group lists, regardless of alarm type. If you choose Specific Subject, you can select one (and only one) group to apply the rule to. NOTE: You cannot select a group list.


The section "Monitored Using" allows you to limit rule activation by the name of the profile, the rule message that appears when an alarm is raised, or both. You can use regular expressions in these fields to match multiple profiles and rules.


The section "Events Identified By" allows you to narrow the rule by specific events (traps). You can choose to include or exclude all traps or specific traps by name.

So given this information you have three choices:


1. Create one notifier rule to email alarms to a single list of contacts, who will receive notifications for every alarm that is raised. Not optimal if you want to send specific alarms to specific people.

2. Create multiple notifier rules to email alarms to different contact lists based on either a specific group, a profile an event, or some combination of these criteria. This is the easiest to set up, although if you are dealing with many groups can it be time consuming to create all of the different notifier rules.

3. Create a single notifier rule to run a script that will set the email contacts based on group, profile, or a number of other criteria you specify. This gives you the most flexibility in determining which contacts will receive alarm messages, but also has drawbacks: it may be time-consuming to write the script, you need to have a person with the skills to write such a script, and the script itself is not supported by CA. (The notifier rule that runs the script is supported, however)


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Problem Environment:
eHealth 6.0 and above
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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS29193 )


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