What are the general security characteristics when using SECURITY SYSTEM=TPX?


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One of the features available in CA TPX is that it can administer access control (it can provide password verification).


In addition to interfacing with RACF, CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret, CA TPX has its own built-in security.

This may or may not be used. It is at the discretion of the customer/client. This feature allows for mixing security with other security packages. You can have RACF, CA ACF2 or CA Top Secret in SMRT, and have a USER with SECURITY=TPX as an override.

CA TPX security can be administered at two levels or in combination with other security packages:

  • Using the SMRT, on a global level, replacing one of the above mentioned security packages.


  • On a profile/user level, provided the USERS are static or saved dynamic.
  • Also:

  • The password is stored within the user record in the ADMIN2 file and is encrypted.

  • TPX supports a password retry limit, which can be defined in SMRT (screen 9 -- Security Parameters).

  • TPX does not support passwords which expire after a predetermined amount of time.

  • You may force a new password from the TPX user administration or via TPXBATCH.

  • You may suspend/unsuspend users from TPX user administration or via TPXBATCH.


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