finder debug does not work (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31425 )
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finder debug does not work (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31425 )


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CA eHealth


The issue documented above has been resolved in the following release(s):

     eHealth 6.1 Service Pack 01 (aka 6.1.1)
eHealth Service Packs are available for download at: Service Pack and Product Downloads. Please review the README file for each Service Pack prior to installing. CA recommends that users always keep eHealth current by installing the latest Service Pack available.

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Problem Environment:
eHealth 6.1
Problem Ticket: PRD00037422

Causes of this problem:
There are two problems:

1. When nhDiscover produces any error message and writes it into discover out file, the appropriate message doesn't get to the OCE client and it keeps constantly querying, making it look like OCE is hung.
2. The finder gets a windows-style path from the policy file as tcl source code. It is known that the TCL interpreter treats "\" as special character like its keyword. For example, when user types: C:\temp\debug.txt. This value is interpreted by TCL as C":empebug.txt".

Changes affecting this problem:
In eHealth 6.1, it is necessary to add environment variables to the Discover Policy.

When adding new parameters to a policy for finder debug, a pop-up message is received, although the changes are saved. When a discovery is run using the Discover Policy with the finder debug variables set, discovery never completes and no finder.debug file is produced.

Additional Information:

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS31425 )


Component: EHCON