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Clarity: Error 500 - Internal Server Error when you save a string with special characters in a portlet filter as default; then, you can no longer access that portlet


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise



Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Admin > Portlets > New

  2. Filter > Submit
    Portlet Name: Portlet_filter
    Portlet ID: portlet_filter
    Instance Type: General

  3. Save

  4. Fields > Add
    Field name: Filter1
    Field ID: Filter1
    Data Type: String

  5. Submit.

  6. Layout.

  7. Chose Toolbar then Save and Exit.

  8. Admin > Portlet Pages > Overview > Tabs > Project Dashboard

  9. Page Filters > Add

  10. Choose Portlet_filter then click on Add.

  11. Click on Filter Mappings icon
    Project Manager Schedule Dashboard > project_name

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

  12. Submit

  13. Save and Exit > Exit

  14. Go to Application side.

  15. Overview > Project Dashboard

  16. On Portlet Filter1
    Click "More >>"

  17. Click on "Save Filter".

  18. Entered a name with an ampersand (&) - 'b&b'.

  19. Click the "Default" check box.

  20. Submit.

Expected Result: Default Portlet Filter will be saved.

Actual Result: Error 500 - Internal Server Error and you can no longer access the Portlet.


Workaround: Go to the admin side and take out the portlet filter to access the portlet again.

  1. Go to admin side of Clarity.

  2. Then click on Portlet Pages > Overview > Tabs > Project Dashboard.

  3. Select the Portlet Filter you added then click on Remove button.

  4. Save and Exit.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, portlet, filter, special character, default, CLRT-27688, clarity1206resolved.


Component: STUDIO


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