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How to verify the SystemEdge agent process is running on UNIX based systems (Legacy KB ID CNC TS9373 )


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Utilize the 'ps' command to ensure the agent is actually running and is utilizing the expected arguments.

Expected output will appear similar to:

                                 # ps -aef - grep sysedge
                                 root   544   540  0 12:56:02 pts/8    0:00 grep sysedge
                                 root 18574     1  0   <date>?       14:00 /opt/EMPsysedge/bin/sysedge.sol29
                                 -sparcv9 -b -p 161 -l /etc/sysedge.lic -f /etc/

In the example output, it is clear that the sysedge process is running as process ID 18574.

Important fields to note are:

                               root : The owner of the process
                               18574 : The process ID of the SystemEdge process
                               /opt/EMPsysedge/bin/sysedge.sol29 : The location of the binary file associated with this process
                               -sparcv9 : The platform dependant argument
                               -b : Indicates the process is running in the background
                               -p 161 : Indicates the agent has bound to port number 161
                               -l /etc/sysedge.lic : Displays the license file being utilized by the agent
                               -f /etc/ : Displays the configuration file in use by the agent

The process arguments described above are configured in the SystemEdge startup script as well as the /etc/ file. The modifications made to those files should match the actual arguments utilized by the process

If the process is not displayed as running or is running with the incorrect arguments, it will be necessary to restart the SystemEdge agent.


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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS9373 )


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