Clarity: XOG Write Project Instance Fatal Error 'cannot insert NULL into CMN_INSTANCE_PAGES.PAGE_FRAME_ID'
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Clarity: XOG Write Project Instance Fatal Error 'cannot insert NULL into CMN_INSTANCE_PAGES.PAGE_FRAME_ID'


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Attempting to XOG write a new project into Clarity. It fails with a FATAL Error.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a XOG Write xml file that contains the following attribute element for specifying the standard, Project Default Layout page:


  2. Execute the action to perform the XOG Write

    Expected: XOG Write action should complete successfully

    Actual: XOG Write fails with a FATAL Error

From an Oracle implementation:


<Description>Project Object insert failed</Description>
<Exception><![CDATA[java.sql.SQLException: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01400: can not insert NULL into "CLARITY"."CMN_INSTANCE_PAGES"."PAGE_FRAME_ID")

From a Microsoft SQL Server implementation:

<Description>Project Object insert failed</Description>
<Exception><![CDATA[java.sql.SQLException: [CA Clarity][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'PAGE_FRAME_ID', table 'CMN_INSTANCE_PAGES'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.


The error message is caused by a missing Default Tab identified for the Project Default Layout. It is not clear why there is no default tab selected on the Project Default Layout. Once you select a default, the XOG WRITE action is successful.

If you remove the pageLayoutCode attribute element from the XOG WRITE xml file the XOG may be successful, but when you navigate to the project, the landing page may be random because the default tab is not set.

Perform the steps below to set a Default Tab.

  1. Login as a Clarity Administrator.

  2. Admin Tool > Portlet Pages > open 'Project Default Layout' page.

  3. Click 'Tabs' link.

  4. Select a 'Default' Tab.

  5. Click 'Submit' button.

Perform the XOG Write action again, including the pageLayoutCode attribute element.


Issue CLRT-55562 has been logged with development to correct the behavior of the XOG so that it does not generate a FATAL Error in this use case. When the Default Tab is not set and a new project is created in the Clarity application, it is successful and the XOG should be able to handle this scenario as well and provide a warning message to indicate that the Default Tab is not set.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, xml open gateway, projmgr.projectPageFrame, cmn_menu_items, container_id, 50240, is_default.


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