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CAM Communication problem when using port 4105 (TCP).


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


When CAM is configured on some machines to use port 4105 (TCP), CAM communication to some machines does not work.

camping fails with the error:
camping TTL expired (2) Message returned : Network error


Client Automation - All supported versions


Starting on Client Automation r12, a new service "CA Connection Broker" is installed on all ITCM Components (Manager, Servers and Agents).

This service executes the process csampmux.exe. The path of this component is defined by the environment variable CSAM_SOCKDAPTER.

By default this service listens on TCP port 4105 and forwards the TCP frames to the target machine via port TCP 7163 (cacsambroker).

Therefore, make sure that TCP port 7163 is enabled in both directions on the Firewall.

If there is a mix of versions in the environment (eg: Scalability Servers in R12 and Agents R11.2) and CAM is configured to use TCP port 4105, a communication problem may occur as machines at R11.2 do not have the "CA Connection Broker" service installed.

In this case it is possible to disable the "CA Connection Broker" listening of port TCP 4105 as below:

  • On R12 machines, open a DOS prompt and execute:

    csamconfigedit port=4105 delete

  • Then restart CAF & CAM

    caf stop
    caf start


After this configuration, TCP 4105 communications will be sent directly to the target machines.