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What is the maximum setting for NH_STATS_POLLS_PER_SECOND (Legacy KB ID CNC TS27501 )


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Refer to the "Tuning the eHealth Statistics Poller" white paper which includes setting information for such statistics poller environment variables such as NH_STAT_POLLS_PER_ SECOND, the maximum number of SNMP requests per second sent by the poller; NH_SNMP_RETRIES, the number of attempts the poller makes to contact an element on a given poll before giving up and calling it a missed poll; and NH_SNMP_TIMEOUT (default 4 seconds), the amount of time the poller waits before performing the initial timeout on an SNMP request.

The document us available here: Tuning the Statistics Poller (CA external).

Also, please refer to one of the following two solutions for instructions to set eHealth environment variables:

  How to Set or Change eHealth Environment Variables-NT

  How to Set or Change eHealth Environment Variables-Unix

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According to the eHealth Tuning the Statistics Poller white paper, NH_STATS_POLLS_PER_SECOND should not be set over 400 in order to maximize polling performance.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS27501 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements