Enforcing resource limits while executing a request.
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Enforcing resource limits while executing a request.


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We have VM:Schedule configured with RESOURCE LIMITS set to 25200 for CPU. We recently had a job that ran in excess of 56 hours and are wondering why VM:Schedule didn't act on the resource limit of 25200. Instead, it allowed the job to run to completion and resource usage exceeded the limit.






Release: 2.0
Component: VMD


To enforce limits during execution, you must activate VM:Schedule's MONITOR user exit.

The MONITOR user exit is passed control when an autologged virtual machine exceeds resource thresholds while executing a request. It is up to the exit to do the FORCE of the user ID in question. VM:Schedule just calls the user exit when a user has exceeded resource limits. VM:Schedule itself doesn't do anything; the MONITOR user exit logic does whatever your site wants to do when resources are exceeded.   VM:Schedule just updates the counts and calls the user exit.

Again, VM:Schedule calls the exit but the exit must take the action on the job that exceeded the resource limits.

Additional Information

You can obtain more information on the MONITOR user exit in the VM:Schedule System Administrator's Guide.