Attribute width and height settings in an object list display do not work properly.
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Attribute width and height settings in an object list display do not work properly.


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The string attributes column width and row height in an object list are configurable in Studio. However, they are not displayed as they are configured. Some symptoms have been reported but more might be observed.

  1. The height field is not working whatever the number of rows is set.
  2. Setting width in the attribute is not what is configured.
  3. If a few more attributes are added into the column, all of them would fit into the display full length automatically regardless of the setting. If more attributes are added then the full column length is extended and a field bar indicator appears at the bottom but attribute widths do not appear as are configured.

Example for the "Status" attribute in the "Issue" list.

  1. Login to the application as an administrator user
  2. Administration, Studio: Objects, Issue, Views, List [Fields]
  3. For the 'Status' attribute, click the properties icon
  4. Configure "Width" or "Height"
  5. Navigate to Home, Projects, open a project, and navigate to the 'Risk/Issues/Change' tab
Expected Results: Row Height and Column Width are displayed according to the settings.
Actual Result: Row Height and Column Width settings do not make any difference in the list display or when editing


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There is no resolution to the underlying issue of configuring string attributes Width or Height
Engineering has reviewed this and closed it, as this part of the product technology is not planned to be changed at this time. 

For more details please review the Customer Reported Defect Resolution Policy for Clarity.  
To increase the Column Width, you can use the Column Width %