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When performing Database activation (nhConvertDb -finalize) ORA-00942 is returned. (Legacy KB ID CNC TS34357 )


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CA eHealth


This is a benign error. The error is only showing that the table cannot be deleted (dropped) because it's not present or has already been deleted.        
To confirm that the nhConvertDb -finalize command completed fine, check the log file /opt/ehealth61/log/convert_finalize_<date.time>.log
and look for the completion message "DbTasksApp Completed".     

You could also run the command:                                       
  echo "select state from nh_convert_state;" - sqlplus $NH_USER/$NH_USER
If this returns 0 then all is set correctly and the message can be safely ignored.                                               


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When performing Database activation (nhConvertDb -finalize) an error is returned.
nhConvertDb: drop table nh_unicode_convert
Error: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Problem Environment:
Although the the DB activation finishes successfully, the following error is found in log file /opt/ehealth61/log/convert_finalize_<date.time>.log:

   Wed 08:48:53 - nhConvertDb: drop table nh_unicode_convert
   Wed 08:48:53 - *
   Wed 08:48:53 - ERROR at line 1:
   Wed 08:48:53 - ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


eHealth 6.1

Causes of this problem:
The missing "nh_unicode_convert" is a new table which is used on international versions of eHealth (French, Japanese) for converting
characters sets to unicode.                                                                   
This is a temporary table, which is part of the tasks in DB finalize, but since the table does not exist on English versions, there is 
nothing to do on it and thus the error message is returned.                           

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS34357 )


Component: EHCON