XPSExport Overlay method and agentgroup
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XPSExport Overlay method and agentgroup


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How is XPSEXport Overlay method supposed to work when there is agentgroup defined?

The test case is as follow:

An agentgroup (ag-1) was exported using XPSExport
$XPSExport ag-raj.xml -xf a.xcart where a.xacart has:
# Type: CA.SM::AgentGroup
# (I) Name : "ag-1"
# (C) AgentTypeLink : CA.SM::AgentType@10-8d78bb96-ae15-11d1-9cdd-006008aac24bOVERLAY=CA.SM::AgentGroup@02-34aa6553-fc44-1003-9449-83682b9d0000

This agent group contains an agent named "3"
Then from the WAMUI, remove the agent "3" from the agent group ag-1. Add another agent ("1") to this group.
Then do an XPSImport of the previous exported xml ag-raj.xml

Expected result: The agent group should contain both agents 1 and 3 but after import.

Actual result: The agent group only contains the imported agent i.e. 3 in this case


The overlay mode only works as you believed when there are child objects in the export.
The test case provided does not have child objects as the agents are not actually children of the agent group as they exist externally from the agent group and are not created under the agent group.

The agent to agent group link is an attribute of the agent group and the functionality/behavior as described in the test case is correct as the import will overwrite the agent group with the old attribute list of agents and put back the agent 3 that was there before.


Component: SMPLC