How can unmanaged traps in SPECTRUM be disabled (event 0x10802)?
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How can unmanaged traps in SPECTRUM be disabled (event 0x10802)?


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CA Spectrum


Unmanaged traps are unsolicited traps that are sent to the SpectroSERVER for devices that are not modeled in SPECTRUM.  These traps are generated on the VNM model.  If the traps are needed, you can then map the traps in SPECTRUM  However there are many situations in which these events are not needed and can quickly fill the MySQL event database. 


Spectrum  10.x


To disable these traps from being logged in the mysql database, you need to do the following:

Navigate to the VNM model in SPECTRUM OneClick.

Open the Information view.

Scroll down to the SpectroSERVER Control menu and open it.

In there is a selection named "Unmanaged Trap Handling".   Click the Set button and change it from 


The change is immediate.  You may see events on the VNM for the Unmanaged traps, but they will only be there while you have the view open.  They will not be logged to the MySQL database.


To see if event 0x10802 is  filling up the mysql database, please review KB 20967: