SPECTRUM Process Monitor alarms after taking Host model out of Maintenance Mode


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CA Spectrum


SPECTRUM Process Monitor alarms after taking Host model out of Maintenance Mode

After taking a Host model out of Maintenance Mode, if the Host model has Process Monitors configured and the process id of a process being monitored has changed while the Host model was in Maintenance Mode, a "PROCESS IS DOWN" alarm is asserted and immediately cleared.


Release: Any


To resolve this issue, use the Event Configuration Editor to do the following:

1. Make a copy of the 0x23900003 event. Note the new Event Code.

2. Remove the alarming for the 0x23900003  event

3. Create an Event Pair rule on the 0x23900003  event with the following parameters:

a. For Event <Y> set the Event Code of 0x23900007

b. For Time <T> set the Time Interval to 5 seconds

c. For Generate Event <Z> set Generate Event to the Event Code created from step 1. Check the Copy Event Variables check box and check the Copy All check box

After saving this new Event Rule and updating the SpectroSERVER Event Configuration, when the 0x23900003  (Process stop) event is created it will not assert the PROCESS IS DOWN alarm. SPECTRUM will wait 5 seconds for the 0x23900007 (Process start) to be created. If event 0x23900007 is not created within 5 seconds, then the event created from copying the 0x23900003  event from step 1 above will be created and a "PROCESS IS DOWN" alarm will be asserted.

The new EventDisp entries will look similar to the following:

0xfff00000 E 50 A 3,0x23900003,3,1
0x23900003 E 50 R CA.EventPair, 0x23900007, "0xfff00000 -:-", 5

Additional Information

Please reference the "Event Configuration" section of the documentation for more information.