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Why does the % Allocation field on the Staff member Properties Page, not show the expected percentage?


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When using "Allocate from Estimates", the % allocation can be a rounded amount, and may not reflect the true allocation percentage.


There is a setting on the administration side of Clarity, under Project Management -> Settings -> "Round Allocations to Nearest %" which defaults to 25%. If this is set to the default of 25%, it can cause the % allocation value to appear to be incorrect.


  1. On Project Management -> Settings -> "Round Allocations to Nearest %" verify this is set to 25%

  2. A resource that has 8 hours of availability, and in their resource calendar they have a full 5 day 40 hour week.

  3. Assign this resource to a task and assign 4 hours of ETC to the task assignment.

  4. Verify this resource is 100% allocated on the "Team - Staff" page.

  5. Now Allocate from Estimates" and navigate back to the "Staff Member Properties" page.

Result: The allocation % segment will show to be 25%, when the value should be closer to 10%. If you change the "Round Allocations to Nearest %" to 1%, it will reflect a value that is closer to 10%.

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Release: NCSVCS05900-8.1-Clarity-Service Connect-for MS-SQL