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Error is seen in system.log: "Error,Pgm nhiCfgServer: Element %Element Name% cannot be added to remote polled group %Group Name%." (Legacy KB ID CNC TS33350 )


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CA eHealth


To verify the problem on the Remote Poller,

- Note the site id. This is located in $NH_HOME/modules/remotePoller/remotePoller.init
- Dump Remote Poller configuration using nhRemotePollerSetup option 4. Open $NH_HOME/modules/remotePoller/spool/*.dci. The first number(s) in the element_id and group_id should be that of the site ID anything else is considered a mismatch and will cause the errors listed above.

Check that hdl table is in tact "select * from hdl;" on the Remote Poller. HTP_CODE's; CDB_SMT, CDB_LAT, CDB_ELA, CDB_GR, CDB_GRL should all have NXT_HNDL entries that begin with the site id of the Remote Poller. When they do not match the HDL table corrupted SE should in these cases. Make reference to (PRD00041879)

If the Remote Poller contains a site id mismatch in element_id (NH_ELEMENT) and group_id's (NH_GROUP) but the hdl table is fine then it is best to export group config to dci, delete the groups and then reimport the dci. When the dci export is re-imported the hdl table will reset the site id part of the group_id making it match with the element_id. This processes is explained below in detail:

1. On both Remote Poller and Central servers nhGetSupportInfo -type "configuration,remotePoller".

2. On remote poller:

nhExportConfig -dciOut poller-groups.dci  -sections "Groups,GroupContents"
nhExportConfig -dciOut poller-groupsLists.dci  -sections "GroupLists, GroupListContents"

Group and Group Lists have now been backed up.

nhGroupList -list - nhGroupList -delete -groupListStdin
nhGroup -list - nhGroup -delete -groupStdin

Groups and Group Lists have now been deleted.

Verify that changes propagate from Remote to Management system.

nhScrubFsa -deletedObjectHours 0 on both Central and Remote Poller.

Add operations merge section to poller-groups.dci & poller-groupsLists.dci


then import with

nhConfig -dciIn poller-groups.dci
nhConfig -dciIn poller-groupsLists.dci

Groups should now be re created and populated with elements as before. Element data will remain in tact.


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Error is seen in system.log: "Error,Pgm nhiCfgServer: Element %Element Name% cannot be added to remote polled group %Group Name%."
Import cycle fails. On Central Management server the following error is seen in system.log: "Error,Pgm nhiCfgServer: Element %Element Name% cannot be added to remote polled group %Group Name%."
When configuration is dumped on the Remote Poller using nhRemotePollerSetup option 4 and an import is attempted on the Central Management server with nhRpFindDiffs -host %hostname% -updateConfig the following error is output to the console:

Error,Pgm  nhiRpFindDiff: Unable to run command '/opt/eh60/bin/sys/nhiConfig' error data:

'Error: 'Integration Module sub process: '$NH_HOME/bin/sys/nhiConfig' failed.' - '' - 'Error: Errors occurred during configuration update, errors are saved in '$NH_HOME/log/system.log'

Problem Environment:
eHealth Remote Polling environment.
eHealth 6.0
eHealth 6.1

Causes of this problem:
A mismatch of site id's denoted in element_id (NH_ELEMENT) and group_id's (NH_GROUP) on the remote poller. This mismatch is commonly caused by a corrupted HDL table in eHealth database or a configuration issues on site.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS33350 )


Component: EHCON