How to Change Database Server Passwords
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How to Change Database Server Passwords


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For administration purposes sometimes it is necessary to change the database server passwords, follow the database vendor instructions and consult your Data Base Administrator before proceeding.


Use the following process when changing database server passwords:

  1. Change your database server password on the database itself.

    Note: See the database documentation for details.

  2. Change the database server password in CA Clarity System Administration to match the password you entered.

  3. If you are running BEA Weblogic or IBM Websphere as your CA Clarity application server, do the following:

    1. Change the database password settings on your application server to match the password you entered.

      Note: See the CA Clarity application server documentation for details.

    2. Open a command prompt and issue the following command to upload CA Clarity System Administration changes to the database:

      nikuadmin general upload-config -info


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