Spectrum install on Windows fails to authenticate domain user


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Spectrum install on Windows fails to authenticate domain user


Domain users need to be able to access the box locally to run the install.  The domain user does not need to be created on the box, it just needs to have access.

The install requires the "Log On Locally" access by the Domain user to be able to install to the machine.


Release: Any


To grant this access, please use the following steps:

 Select Start -> Run from the Windows Desktop

-       In the Open: line type mmc
-       Select OK
-       In the MMC window select File -> Add/Remove Snap-in
-       In the Add/Remove Snap-in window click Add
-       Select the Local Computer Policy and click Add
-       Expand the Local Computer Policy
-       Expand Computer Configuration
-       Expand Windows Settings
-       Expand Security Settings
-       Expand Local Policies
-       Double Click User Rights Assignment
-       Double Click Log On Locally
-       Select Add User or Group
-       Enter the User name and click Ok
-       Click OK again
-       Close MMC

Run the Spectrum install and you will now be able to authenticate with SRAdmin to install Spectrum.